Apollo Health Group

America's Choice for Genetic Testing

One Simple Goal

Improve the patient's quality of life.  With genetics being at the forefront of healthcare, we are dedicated in helping providers understand more about their patients, and patients learn more about themselves. 

Patient Satisfaction

We've helped many individuals receive genetic screenings through our owned and operated CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited Lab. It is our promise that we only offer the highest standard of quality, accuracy and consistency with our work.

Our Service

We specialize in genetic testing that include tests such as Cancer Genetic Screening (CGx), Carrier Screening, and Pharmacogenetics Screening (PGx). Speak with one of our qualifying representatives to learn more.

Peace of Mind

“It gave me an absolute piece of mind because we have certain cancers in our family that several people have. Cervical, breast, and especially colon [cancers] are my top concerns for me and my daughter. So, when this test was able to test for all of those things and knock all out as negative it helps me mentally big time for both myself and my daughter as well.”

- Valerie W.

Fight Cancer

“This is an important tool to fight cancer! I wish this test was available when my parents were alive because I have had two different types of cancer and to be able to obtain some genetic information has stabilized what I was aware of genetically. This information will be invaluable for my daughter and grandchildren!”

-Mary S.

Preventative Care

"No doubt about it this is an important preventative care tool, my wife was supposed to have her routine colonoscopy but we postponed it for 6 months and by that time her colon cancer had metastasized. If she would’ve taken this test sooner, she would have known she needed to be tested more frequently and more often, it would have saved her life. My own test is helping me to realize how important testing is. Another bonus is that now my kids know that they have a genetic risk [for cancer] from both of their bloodlines and that for them preventative care is a necessity .”

-Terrence H.

Our Genetics Lab

Apollo owns and operates a CAP and CLIA certified laboratory located on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The lab specializes in next generation DNA testing such as hereditary Cancer Genetic Screenings (CGx) and Pharmacogenetics Genetic Screenings (PGx). These tests can help determine whether a person is at risk for life-threatening side effects or disease. Our lab is one of only a few CAP and CLIA certified labs with next generation sequencing technology capabilities in the country and is licensed in 48 states.

Primary Care Physician

One of Apollo's core values is to ensure the candidates' primary care physician is always involved in any request for our genetic lab services. There are two ways we can develop that relationship with the physician, both of which are inter-related.

  • Potential patients come to us with an interest to learn more about genetic screening and its preventative benefits. In order to qualify, we ask a series of questions regarding their medical history and insurance coverage. We ask that the patient works directly with their primary care physician. Apollo will also reach out to their physician to make them aware that their patient is interested in the lab service. We will also provide the necessary paperwork for the physician to approve the test. Once the test is completed, a copy of the results will be sent to the physician and to the patient for review.
  • A team of experienced full-time employees can visit doctor offices and clinics around the country at any location to provide these healthcare facilities with information regarding Apollo Genetics’ services. They can leave materials for the healthcare employees to distribute or leave in waiting rooms. If a patient shows interest and it is recommended by the physician to move forward with the screening, our representatives can assist in ensuring the correct steps are taken and collection samples are properly completed before sending to the lab for processing. 

Apollo currently has a Medicare number and in addition, is actively contracting with various state Medicaid programs and Medicare Advantage plans. Some commercial out of network plans are also accepted.

To request more information regarding our services or to learn how Apollo Health Group can perform screenings for your patients, click the button below.

Reference Lab

Apollo works with partner labs who do not have the capabilities to perform DNA genetic tests. These partner labs will reference out screenings such as CGX and PGX to the Apollo Lab Group. 

As an independent lab, CAP Accredited and CLIA certified, Apollo Genetics is proud to be a reference lab that is capable of performing many types of genetic testing for other laboratories. Apollo will not only perform these tests, but will prepare the necessary reports with the results of the test. Apollo is not directly involved in any consulting nor discussion of possible or potential treatment options with the consumer. However, Apollo can provide an independent genetic counselor if needed. To learn more about how to become a referring lab to Apollo Genetics, click the button below.