Solutions to contact, connect, and market, 
to help you accomplish
your goals.


Apollo can help you!

Whether you want to grow your lab's patient base, schedule appointments,
or onboard new provider clinics to use your lab. 

Consumer Solutions

Your health begins with your DNA. Apollo offers a variety of Genetic tests that will help you and your provider understand more about your health.

Laboratory Programs

Often times your health requires quick results. Apollo will deliver timely results that can help diagnose and treat your infections and diseases.

Patient Service Solutions

Many underlying health issues can be caused by allergies and sensititives. Apollo can help you find answers that will lead to a more fulfilling life.
Apollo has 3 Teams that make these work!

Qualifiers – Our front-end, patient-facing, team that provides an excellent first impression and are our product experts who help patients qualify for different testing through collecting patient conditions, interest, insurance, etc.
Provider Assistance Team – Our provider facing team that works daily with hospitals, clinics, independent physician groups, etc, around the country. These team specializes in requisition completion, document collection, result delivery, etc.
Customer Success Team – Our back-end, patient-facing, team that handles sample collection, kit fulfillment, result delivery, patient satisfaction, and more.

In today's world there are more options than ever to get a hold of somebody.​

However, that doesn't mean that it is easier.


How does this work?

We discuss your current goals and build a custom plan for us to help you accomplish your goal.

We provide performance metrics and reviews so you are assured quality and KPI's are being met.

We work together to help patients have better access to testing and healthcare!

Ready to see what solutions are best for your lab?

Review our offerings and decide what aligns best with your business.