One Simple Goal

Improve the patient's quality of life - We are dedicated in helping providers understand more about their patients while helping patients learn more about themselves through educating and providing different testing services.

Our History

Located in Draper, Utah, Apollo Health Group was founded in 2019. With the goal of improving the quality of health for patients, Apollo purchased a genetics laboratory in Lousiana (Apollo Genetics) to perform tests and to ensure only the highest of quality when it comes to patient and provider satisfaction with our services. Daily operations at the coroporate office include the executive team, marketing efforts, customer service, and fulfillment duties. Each day Apollo continues striving towards providing the most compliant and satisfactory service possible to patients and providers. Apollo recently developed a new lab located in their Draper office (Apollo Diagnostics) to continue to fulfill their mission of helping patients and providers alike. 


Apollo Genetics is a CLIA certified labratory, located on the Louisiana State University Campus in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. The lab specializes in next generation sequencing DNA testing. These tests can help determine whether a person is at risk for diseases and side effects. 



Apollo Diagnostics is a CLIA certified labratory, located in Draper, Utah. The Lab specializes in wellness testing that can improve a patient's quality of life through understanding more about their allergies and sensitivities through IGg and IGe reactivities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Apollo is driven by a leadership team that is focused on executing the highest level of service for patients and providers in the most compliant, regulatory way. Apollo's team includes dedicated individuals who strive to do their best in whichever position they operate.


Blaine Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Justin Leavitt

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Morgan Mower

Chief Revenue Officer, Co-Founder

Calie Waddoups

VP of Operations

Cade Roemmich

Director of Marketing

Dallin Hitchcock

Director of Technical Operations