Provider, Lab, and Marketing Programs​


Our Promise to you...

  • Fully customizable programs are available
  • No long term contracts
  • Experienced laboratory professionals on staff

  • 100% US-based Agents
  • HIPPA Certified Agents
  • Bilingual capabilities

  • A+ business rating
  • Licensed in 42 states
  • Calls recorded and Audited to ensure quality

Provider Program​

  • Test collection and walkthrough services​

  • Appointment scheduling​

  • Claim Scrubbing​

  • Collections on unpaid patient visits​

  • Intake form ​

  • Collect new insurance information​

  • Triage inbound calls along with email/text support​


Lab Program

  • ICD-10 fixes, Medical Notes, Attestation Letters, Prior Auth​

  • Deductible, copay collection​

  • Claim Scrubbing​

  • Insurance calls and fixes to guarantee payment​

  • Triage patient/provider questions via call/text/email​

  • Lab result delivery to patient/provider​

  • Setup patients with Genetic Counselor​

  • Offer Cash Pay to those without insurance​

Marketing Program

  • Call patients on multiple medications or with history of cancer to offer PGx and/or CGx cash pay test. Organize shipment of supplies.​

  • Call patients that are deemed eligible for insurance payment of PGx/CGx testing and refer them to be tested. Focus on areas where offices are testing and direct patient there.  ​

  • Call patients with chronic wounds and direct to a wound care facility that currently works with Phase2 labs, PhaseOne, Zenith / Progenacare.​

  • Contact patients with a history of UTI's and direct to a facility that currently works with Phase2 Labs/PhaseOne.​

  • Use current database and Identify providers, hospitals or other healthcare facilities that could benefit from using the services of Phase2 labs or PhaseOne HOCI. Field services and Account Managers to follow up with these leads.  ​

  • Provide mass marketing for any of the products or services offered by Phase2 laboratories and PhaseOne Health​.