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Emerging in a very short period of time, genetic testing is at the forefront in healthcare by providing a more accurate road map in helping patients not only better understand their genetic make-up, but providing physicians with better insights in preventative and therapeutic treatments. Our genetics lab is one of a handful in the country that can provide these services and we are excited to share our expertise in ways that will help the healthcare community advance medicine.

Apollo Genetics Laboratory

Located in New Orleans, LA, Apollo Genetics stands at the forefront of next generation genetic testing. Equipped with latest, state of the art technology, the lab provides genetics services that cover testing such as Cancer Genetic Screening (CGX), Carrier Screening and Pharmacogenetics Screening (PGX). It can only offer the highest standard of accuracy, quality and consistency in order to maintain its CAP Accreditation and CLIA certification. Visit Apollo Genetics to learn more about our next generation genetics lab and its services.

Genetic Services

Cancer Genetic Screening

Hereditary cancers are caused by gene mutations that people are born with; passed down to them from either their mother or their father. Laboratory tests performed with a simple collection mouth swab can analyze a person's genes to tell if they carry an inherited mutation in a gene that is associated with an increased risk for cancer. Genetic testing in people already diagnosed with cancer can also determine if their cancer was caused by an inherited mutation.  Learn more by visiting Apollo Genetics.

Pharmacogenetic Screening

Preventative testing for drug allergies, medication effectiveness, and overall health and wellness will allow your doctor to see what your body is most susceptible too. You and your doctor will better understand which medications will work well for you, and which could be potentially harmful or dangerous before you start taking them. It can become a map so your doctor can make a very personalized treatment plan to help keep you healthy. Learn more by visiting Apollo Genetics.

Carrier Screening

Carrier screening is recommended by OBGYNs for all women who are considering pregnancy or are currently pregnant, regardless of whether or not there is a history of genetic diseases in the family. Carrier testing is used to determine if partners are carriers for certain recessive genetic diseases and the likelihood of those diseases being passed down to their child.

We are pleased to be working with Apollo Lab Group to provide Cancer Genetics Screening for our patients. Apollo has made the process simple and painless for the patients and staff. Since early detection is key with any cancer treatment, this service is invaluable.


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