Meet Our Team

Our talented employees make the difference at Apollo Health Group, and with years of experience in healthcare, our goal has always been to provide customers with the highest level of serve in the most compliant, regulatory way. Next generation genetic testing is the future of medicine and we are proud to help make that happen.

Morgan Mower, Managing Owner

Morgan Mower received his undergraduate degree in Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the University of Utah in 2012. He has spent the last 9 years in entrepreneurial roles building healthcare companies in the pharmacy and laboratory space into multi-million dollar businesses.  He is passionate about building relationships and new opportunities to drive growth.

Blaine Smith, Managing Owner

Blaine Smith received his undergraduate degree in Business from the University of Utah in 1985 followed by his MBA in 2000. He has focused much of his career in healthcare and consumer products with companies such as P&G, Pfizer, and Beiersdorf AG. In 2016, he was nominated as the CXO of the year, and as an healthcare executive and experienced entrepreneur, has always worked to keep a patient-centered approach.

Justin Leavitt, CFO

Justin Leavitt received his undergraduate degree in Accounting (2001) and MBA (2002) from Utah State University. He has 14 years of experience as an operational-focused CFO for private equity backed entrepreneurial healthcare companies in the pharmacy, behavioral healthcare, and genetic industries. When not working, he enjoys running, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, and playing pickleball with his wife and two kids.

Grant Burton, Vice President of Marketing

Grant Burton received his undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Utah in 2001. He began his career focused in performance based marketing, managing multi-million dollar budgets for the EDU and Credit industries. Over the last 12 years, his focus has been in Healthcare, marketing for big pharma clients such as J&J, Bayer, Abbvie, GSK and those within the DME and Medical Supply industry. His efforts has resulted in millions in revenue and hundreds of thousands in new patient acquisition.

Calie Waddoups, Director of Business Operations

Calie Waddoups is a seasoned professional focused in healthcare for the last 17 years. She began her career with long-term care and skilled nursing, but in 2014, she pivoted to focus on regulatory compliance, contractual compliance, and pharmacy and laboratory acquisitions. She has contractually acquired dozens of new pharmacies and labs and has built a strong regulatory foundation.

R. David Grant, General Counsel

David received his JD, University of Utah, School of Law in 1992, graduating top of his class. He's a seasoned business and contract lawyer and brings 27 years of experience to his current position. Over the last 16 years his practice has been focused on regulatory compliance, and healthcare transactions, including hospital, pharmacy, long-term care and laboratory acquisitions. He is an active member of the American Health Lawyers Associations (AHLA) since 2004.

Lauren Layton, People Operations Director

Lauren Layton received her undergraduate degree from Utah Valley University in Business Management with an emphasis on Human Resource Management. Lauren has a passion for helping others love their job! Providing a positive employee experience starts off with an intentional onboarding experience and continuously engaging with employees to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment. Her goal is that each member of the Apollo team will use our resources to grow and become better version of themselves, and in return, help others do the same.